7 weird health tips that actually work

7 Weird Health Tips That Actually Works

7 Weird Health Tips That Actually Works

The very mention of health tips brings to mind the regular ideas – drinking hot water, avoiding junk food, sleeping on time and so on. But these are the conventional ones and are done to death. No, we are not saying that these are not effective anymore, they are! But in this article, let us look at health tips that are unconventional; tips that might seem counterintuitive to you, even funny! They may be strange health tips but super useful!


1. Use A Lime To Ease A Headache

If you’re someone who suffers a lot from migraines or headaches and you’re sick of taking pills, then try using limes instead to fight the ailment. It’s thought that the fruit’s scent relieves headaches, and the coolness from the lime could also help to reduce the pain associated with the common complaint. To naturally reduce a headache, slice the lime in half and massage the fruit over your forehead or focus on the specific area that aches.


2. Use Honey To Relieve Hay Fever

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from hay fever and want a solution to this health problem that doesn’t involve antihistamines, then try taking a spoonful of local honey daily. Honey is thought to help this problem as it contains bee pollen, which can desensitise your body to the pollen that causes the hay fever. To get the best results from this health tip, make sure you take a spoonful of honey every day, two to three months prior to hay fever season.


3. Balance Hormones With Spearmint Tea

Herbal teas have many different health benefits, and spearmint tea has been found to be an effective natural treatment for hormonal problems suffered by women, including facial hair and acne. Spearmint is thought to be beneficial for the management of hormonal imbalances because of its natural anti-androgen properties. Turkish researchers found that drinking two cups of spearmint tea a day reduced levels of male sex hormones in the body which is good news for ladies who don’t want to rely on medication for this health issue.

4. Boost Your Immunity With Dirt

The majority of us try to avoid bacteria and dirt in the hope of not becoming ill, but it turns out that a small amount of dirt in our lives could actually be beneficial to our health. While it’s important to keep good hygiene in our day to day lives, research has suggested that exposing ourselves to the friendly bacteria present in soil can help reduce signs of depression and boost your immune system. Try going on countryside walks or gardening regularly to improve your health.

5. Sugar To Get Rid Of Hiccups

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, and it also helps to cure you of the hiccups.

The theory behind this health tip is that a teaspoon of sugar stimulates the vagus nerve (a nerve that conveys sensory information to the brain about the body’s organs) which makes the body forget to hiccup. Basically, if the nerve is distracted by the sugar, it tells the brain to focus on that and to stop the hiccuping. So before you try standing on your head, take a spoonful of sugar first to rid yourself of the hiccups.

6. Sleep In The Darkness To Feel Better

We all feel a bit down every once in a while and experience bad moods, but a simple solution to this health problem is to turn off the lights in your bedroom before you sleep. According to research, a night-time light can suppress the production of melatonin (a hormone produced in the darkness that regulates moods.) To ensure your body produces melatonin, go to sleep in complete darkness by investing in some thick curtains and turning off any sources of light before you go to bed – including any lights emitted from charging devices and your TV.

7. Use Vodka To Banish Foot Odour

Spray cheap vodka into your shoes or rub it directly onto your feet to kill foot odour. Alcohol is an antiseptic and a drying agent so it can get rid of the bacteria that causes bad odour and also dry out the moisture that is responsible for the growth of the organisms. Vodka does not have a scent, so when it dries there’s no danger of yours shoes smelling like alcohol, it will just take away the bad smell. Of course, soaking your feet in vodka is no substitute for washing them with soap and water, but this quick-fix can save you any embarrassment if you are short on time.


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